Chart range override

Hi All.

First, thank you to everyone who helped me with their comments on the new to me chart options.

I have been wondering if it is possible to change the range on x and y axis’.

From this link:

it appears as if the overrideOption doesn’t appear in the Desktop Chart item doesn’t exist, and from the link I gather it isn’t available, yet. I don’t see a minium or maximum setting.

Is there a way to scale a chart? Or do I have to just live with this for now?


Hi @Michael_Cebasek

The overrideOption is intended for Web projects and even in that case is not always a good idea, because when we change an underlying library… it may stop working (as probably will be the case when we update the Chart.js to a more current version; being this the one used by the WebChart control).

As for DesktopChart/MobileChart we will implement this for a further release: