Chart & Controls iOS


If you need chart controls for your application, write me pm before 15 june (not free)

Video link:


look amazing!!

Nice work!

@jean-paul devulder please take my money! :wink:

Hi Jean-Paul,

Is the source-code included or only the encrypted files for 50€ ?

Really nice work.
Just one word : Thanks

Yes indeed +1

[quote=333315:@jean-paul devulder]hi,

now the buy link rework!

buy link: [/quote]

Is the rating control also for sale?

Very nice…

One question. I am getting overlapping text on the popup control when it starts with an initial value. Is this a bug, or should something be done differently?

The demo does it too.

chartdirector is good for u.

jean-paul with carousel control is possible (or will be) to show pdf preview instead pictures ?