Character set Sybase

I am trying to write a string to a Sybase table trough ODBC from my xojo application in Spanish. The problem is with accented characters like ,. On the Sybase table the are written with strange characters. I guess the default charset of this particular Sybase installation is cp850. I would really appreciate any help on this.

A quick Google search indicates that “cp850” is also called “DOS Latin 1”. So use that to set the encoding of your string text before you send it to the Sybase DB:

Dim dbValue As String = ConvertEncoding(t, Encodings.DOSLatin1)

Thanks. Already tried that one but it did not work.

Since the server can be installed with one charset and you client may use another you may need to invoke one of the sybase set commands (I think char_convert but thats off the top of my head and VERY dated) to tell the server to convert characters to your clients char set

What I dont know is what the client is telling the server what charset it should use - UTF-8 would be nice

IsoLatin1 seems to do the work converting before sending it to Sybase