Changing Toolbar Background Color


Is there a way to change the Toolbar background color. My window has a dark gray background. On a Mac the toolbar background is gray. In Windows however the background changes to the dark gray background and the captions are hard to read.

Is there a way in Windows to keep the toolbar background gray like the Mac, or is there a way to change the caption color? I could live with the dark background if the caption color could be changed. I don’t see any properties for doing this.

Roll your own, as I did

I normally use KillerToolbar
But this week Ive been using Xojo’s own in a new project, and I find that on a Mac, if I give the window a custom background color, the toolbar stays grey.
On Windows, the toolbar takes the window color (= transparent?)

So if you can live with your window being grey instead of the ‘current windows window background color’, just set a custom color (eg pale grey) for the window background.

Thanks Jeff. Unfortunately, I need the background dark gray.

I just think there should be properties to change at least the text color of the caption. That would be handing.