Changing the name of the current IDE document

Usually, in MacOS, when I want to change the name of an open document, I click in the window and set the new name there. Yes, I can also do that in the Finder and elsewhere…

But, yesterday, I tried to do that for a project I just opened, and nothing happened…

Screen shot of what I mean, using TextEdit:

At this stage, if I press the Return (or Enter) key, the document is created in the ■■■■ Tracy folder (and I can navigate to save it elsewhere).

NB: this is a standard click in the title of the document in the window’s title bar.

MacOS works like this since… I do not recall when !

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That’s something that the application has to opt into doing and because so many pieces of the project rely on the project name and path, it’s not trivial to do.

The easiest way to do this is to just use Save As.

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Here, under Mojave, TextEdit and Pages do it, but BBEdit and MS Office don’t.

Indeed. My opinion is, when Apple adds their own standards, it becomes a mess because some follow them, some don’t.
I reminds me of their way to count files size (they started to count as 1000 rather than 1024, 20 years ago, despite other platforms keeping 1024). Who can tell whether this is still in use today? Are all current Mac software aware of this and enforcing that?