Changing the Icon of a WebSDK Control or Class

Does anyone know how to change the Icon in the IDE of a webSDK control? A suppose it would be nice for classes too.

See the WebControlSDK.pdf next to your install of the IDE
Extras > WebSDK > WebControlSDK.pdf

Thanks Norman! Not sure how I missed that in the constants section.

I made a little tool a while back to help make creating empty WebSDK controls easier (after forgetting some important parts on multiple occasions). If you’re making a few controls, you may find it quite useful.

@Tim Parnell - I’ve started making more and more custom controls and WebGen is very helpful/removes a lot of tedium.

Thank you!

Mint! Thanks for sharing. I think I heard in the XDC keynote that a new web framework is in the pipes. Will this effect our SDK controls?

The WebGen looks great but I only run Linux…

Oh you poor soul.
Here’s a download link for the Linux build. I’m not a big Linux guy, so I’m not sure what to give you, but here’s the output folder from building for Linux with Xojo. Download Linux

The labels and controls are different sized on Linux, so some things overlap, but hey, it works.

Works great, thanks for sharing!

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