Changing ProgressWheel size

I suspect the answer is no, but is it possible to resize the ProgressWheel control ? I’ve set its height and width but it still renders in the default size.

If not, any suggestion on my best bet for an alternative implementation - essentially I just need a larger animated progress wheel.

Which OS ?

Windows - Win7 specifically

AH no
Turns out I was mistaken & it’s NOT resizable anywhere
However you can use something like

Ah, good idea, thanks Norman. Too bad the progress wheel doesn’t resize, tho. seems kind of an obvious feature.

If you are willing to use a plugin try the MBS plugin. I had Christian add such a progress wheel for me :slight_smile:

Oh blech, saw too late that you want Windows. I only needed this for the Mac.

a progress wheel is not to hard to do right in Xojo code

the one I linked to even scales & resizes pretty reasonably