Changing Images in Web page

Hi, I’m relatively new to Xojo for web but am exited about the possibilities.

I am creating a web application and part of the functionality is changing an image (using Image Well control) via selection from a PopupMenu control. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



WebImageView.PIcture = aWebPicture

Jay, thanks. I was able to find some code similar to that in one of the examples.

Can the images being referenced reside in the default folder for the application or do I have to use a database?



The images can be a file anywhere on the server or in a database. You can also embed them in the app - just add them to the project. You can also use images on other servers by setting the URL property of the WebImageView instead of the Picture property.

I see some of the images in the App listing. I added them manually via the properties of the ImageWell. I need a collection of images added to the project to reference via the Popupmenu control. I do not see an option for something like "right click on App-> add–> image or Picture. Thinking its easier to get this functionality by referencing images stored in a DB,

You can just drag images to the navigator to add them, or use Import from the File menu. Or you could use the DB approach, though there is a lot more code you have to write to properly extract the images. You could also program your app to look in a particular folder for image files, read them all in and populate the PopupMenu. There are many ways of accomplishing your goal, the best approach depends on what your app is for, how it is distributed or used, and what kind of coding you wish to do.