Changing Height of Input Field

When I place a new input field it has fixed height that I can not edit.

However if I place a Decoration (label field) I can edit height. If I get the field the dimensions I want and then change the Super in the IDE to a TextField it maintains the new dimension (smaller height in my case).

Seems to work does anyone think there will be an issue with this at some point?

I guess is there a specific reason the height is fixed on an input label?

These are MobileTextField and MobileLabel fields based on the latest versions sorry for using the old call outs.

I do not found any InputField in the documentation, so I will assume it is a MobileTextControl.

Have you read:

It is said as Read-Only Property.


Yes I am using MobileTextField and MobileLabel not the old names

I use this very often and never had any problems.

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