Changing from iOSBitmap to Picture: Scaling needed?

An old closed thread here got me on the right track to scale iOSBitmap vector graphics for the specific device using a declare to get the Scale.

Now I’m converting from iOSBitmap to Picture and wondering if this is still a thing that is needed? If so, how to do it?

Instead of Scale you would set the HorizontalResolution and VerticalResolution on the Picture. A Scale of 1 corresponds to the default HorizontalResolution/VerticalResolution of 72, while a Scale of 2 would be 2 * 72 (or 144).

So when I use a Declare to query for device Scale, I get a value of 2. In my code I do:

Var IconImage As New Picture(300, 260)
IconImage.HorizontalResolution = Scale
IconImage.VerticalResolution = Scale

In a table’s iOSMobileTableDataSource, when I set the cell.Image, the image is displayed too big and is truncated. If I use a Scale of 1, then it displays correctly.