Changing cell text color in and out of CellTextPaint

This application takes images dropped onto a listbox, and pareses out metadata throughout the listbox.
I want to change the color of text in a certain cell, if the text does not = “Adobe RGB (1998)”

I have this bit of code:

select case column case 6 if lstBoxImages.cell(lstboximages.lastindex, 6) <> "Adobe RGB (1998)" Then g.ForeColor = &cff0000 end if end Select

When I put this code into the CellTextPaint method. It works… to an extent.
Once I hit an image that does not have the correct Profile (“Adobe…”) it changes the profile to Red as expected.
But if I add another image after, the text remains black as it should, but then also changes the one before it back to black. Which seems correct since I’m running a case on column 6…

So then I thought the code should instead be placed inside the for loop where I’m adding the image metadata to the listbox. Well, that doesn’t work at all.
And if I then get rid of the case select, I then get a NilObjectException on g.ForeColor = &cff0000.

Kind of stumped.

You probably want to use the row parameter to the event instead of the last index (i.e. the most recently added row).

How do I express the most recently added row?

Nevermind. Got it. Thank you @Andrew Lambert !