Changing App icon in Chrome (Mac)

I can successfully drag and drop icons for App icon image wells sizes 16, 32, and 128. And if I load the app in Safari, I see the new icon in there. I don’t see anything but the default icon in the Chrome. Is this usual?

I assume you are talking about Xojo Web apps.

If you have the app as a favorite in Chrome it can take some time to refresh the app icon in Chrome as the icon is saved in the cache.

And I recommend setting the icon yourself using the App.HTMLHeader property, and manually copying the files to your web server



This way you have full control over the design of the icon and the icons are independent from the application.
By default, Xojo will add a thick grey border around the icon.

Hmmm…well that seems to work in Debug Build (Chrome shows the new icon in the browser tab), but fails to work when I upload the build as a CGI app to the server and I carefully upload my icons to the same folder where the CGI app lives.

When running your app in Chrome from your webserver, hit CTRL + SHIFT + i (on Windows) or Cmd + Alt + i (on Mac) to open the Web debugging tool.

Go to the console and check if there are any missing items.
You can also navigate through the HTML elements and hover any URL to see exactly where it points to.

This might help getting the links correct.

Thanks so much for referring me to viewing all this in Chrome’s console. After a lot of trial and error, using what I saw there, I got your suggested HTML entries to work for Chrome on my desktop, but not my Android phone. Then I found I could delete all those entries and just do this:

Rename the icon I want so show in Bookmarks to “favicon.ico” (convert it to .ico format first, of course) and drag it into the 16X16 image well in App/Appearance/Icon. After doing that, that icon appears in the Chrome tab for that page. It is also honored by Android on my phone, even when choosing to add that Chrome page to my Homepage there as a shortcut.

I noticed more on this later. It seems that all I have to do is make sure the image wells (16, 32, 128) have the proper images in them. I found that the first time the page is loaded from a pre-existing bookmark, it fails to assign the new icon in the browser tab, which originally caused me to think this would not work. But subsequent sessions successfully assign it to the browser tab.