Changing a menuitems name in the IDE always adds an index breaking your code

I thought I was having a stroke this morning when I couldn’t access the checked property of a menuitem I had just added. It turns out I wasn’t having a stroke but that the 2017r3 IDE is automatically adding an index to a menuitem whenever you change the name. It really should only do that if you change it to a name that is already in use I think. The 2017 r2.1 IDE works properly and does not do this.

The work around is easy as you can just delete the index that it inserted, but it will cause you some soul searching as you try to compare what you’re seeing in the 2.1 IDE that works with what you’re seeing in the 3.0 IDE.

This basically breaks every example using menus in the documentation but keeps working fine with any menus you’ve already created.


This bug is marked as “fixed&verified”, but I’m exactly getting this now.
Should I create a new report or ask the existing one to be re-opened?

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Please create a new one.

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Thank you; it’s done.
Starting from a blank project was enough to demonstrate the issue.