Change view with iPad SplitView.Master with Tab Bar

I have an iPad app that has a split view with a tab bar with four tabs on the left (Master) side at the bottom. When I tap on something on the right (Detail) side where there is a map, I would like to change the view above the tab bar to a different view (though one of the original views used to define the tabs). For example, if I tap on a point marker in the map on the right side, I would like to automatically switch from, say, the view for Tab(0) on the left to the view for Tab(2).

It seems that there must be an easy way to do this but all of the ways that I’ve found seem to erase the tab bar. Thanks in advance to the gurus on this forum!

Using iOSDesignExtensions

You can use the SetTabPageXC function to simulate a Tab button tap.
However I have never tested it in a SplitView that contains a TabBar.

Thanks, Jeremie! And congratulations on your Best iOS App award.

I have solved my problem. It turns out that in my case – a tabbed master view and no tabs on the detailed view – Self.ParentSplitView.Master returns an iOSTabBar, not an iOSView. Given that I was able to add a new method to a modified version of iOSTabBar Declares module in the examples folder to select the the tab (having learned how to do that by parsing key parts of the code that Jeremie referred me to).