Change FillRect Color of a Rectangle?

I have a WebApp with a Rectangle in 100x100 Pixel.

This Rectangle is black.

When a user is pressed a button, I want to change the color of the Rectangle from black to red.

I would use in the Action Event of the button something like:

.ForeColor = &cff0000
.FillRect = &cff0000

But I can’t access to the

oh? That was easy. :smiley:

Using WebStyles every day, but didn’t get the idea in this moment. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you!

Hmm, is there a possibility to change the background-color of a style on the fly?

I don’t know the color at compile time of the app.
In that moment the user clicks on the button, I know the color.

Is there something like

Stylename.Backgroundcolor = … ?

I think I need something like this:

Stylename.Backgroundcolor= rgb(229,178,0)
Rectangle.Style = Stylename.Backgroundcolor

You should leave behind the habits from desktop.

Instead of changing the background color, use just another webstyle. You can change webstyle on the fly.

Sub Action() if Rectangle1.Style = Green then = red else = Green end if End Sub

Note that what you want to do is possible if you manage this in JavaScript :"#00FF00"

But if all you need is a couple of colors, Webstyles are simpler.