Change Cell Value

How can I change a cell value in this code

For Each row As DesktopListBoxRow in MyList.Rows
  // Refreh Chrono
  Var t As  Integer = row.Tag
  // Put t value on Column 3
 row.columnAt(3) = t.ToString // I need help for this line of code

Where do you found ColumnAt ?

What do you want to do ?
(place 3 in the whole column ?)

This should get you started on the right path.

var max as Integer = MyList.LastRowIndex
for index as Integer = 0 to max
  MyList.CellTextAt( index, 3 ) = MyList.RowTagAt( index )
next index
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This what I have adopted but the loop is not elegant as for each

Unfortunately you can’t set CellTextAt on DesktopListBoxRow. If you could, this would be easier:

For Each row As DesktopListBoxRow in MyList.Rows
  row.CellTextAt(3) = row.Tag.IntegerValue.ToString
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Feature request perhaps? It makes sense to have

row.CellTextAt(column As Integer) As String

Certainly. I’m guessing they didn’t do it previously because they’d need to implement an observer. Shouldn’t be a problem.