Chaining animations using Animation Kit

How do I chain animations using The ZAZ Animation Kit?

Create two tasks, task1 and task2. Assign task2 to task1’s NextTask property. When you run task1, the animation will perform as normal, then trigger task2 when complete.

Hi Thom! How do I create the tasks? I’ve only used the .Animate method to move and resize controls, which is super simple. I can’t figure out how to use the rest of the features. Do you have an example code I could study?

In the download there should be a demo project.

There is, but all the examples use the .Animate-method :-/

So, I eventually figured it out. Thanks for a great kit!

I also wonder how I could automatically put all animations in a queue? In my app there are animations that happen simultaneously but sometimes I’d prefer if they didn’t…

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking for.

Ultimately I’d like something like this:

Canvas1.Animate New REALbasic.Rect(Canvas1.Left, Canvas1.Top + 100, Canvas1.Width, Canvas1.Height), 0.25, 2, True
Where the boolean indicates whether to place the animation in an effects queue. If true, the animation would be placed in a queue and it would fire after other animations running at that time. If false, the animation would begin immediately.

I hadn’t come across the ZAZ animation kit before, so I just googled it and followed the first suggestion that came up as I was typing…

OMG! My eyes! “ZAZ animation pack” returns very different results to “ZAZ animation kit:wink:

I’ve discovered that myself from the search queries. It was very strange to be getting Skyrim queries when I’ve never even touched the game.

Just tried out your Animation Kit Thom! It’s really nice. Thank you!

Did you try the one on my website or the one on GitHub? GitHub is newer. I’m very close to getting my site updated and relaunched which will include the new version there too.

From your site. I’ll try out github!

I love the new code style of the github version.

Yeah, I’m particularly happy with how it turned out. Docs too.