Cgi tutorial

Can anyone tell me if there is such a thing as a tutorial for cgi. I mean what folders to use etc. I have shared hosting web hosting but every time I upload it blocks me out.
Thanks for any help or guidance. Thank you.

What type pf CGI a Web Application or CGIApplication (by template)

You probably need a VPS for both of them.

What would i need to run a xojo web application.

Either you rent and setup your own virtual private server or you make use of Xojo Cloud or a hosting provider who supports Xojo web apps, like:

There are many affordable and still powerful VPS solutions out there, but installing, securing and maintaining a vps is not everybody’s business:

Ah ok thanks I tried using a cgi script on my shared hosting and it blocked my account and the hosts done nothing to help me in any way. I think I will get stuck into the programming etc then purchase xojo then hosting.
Thanks very much for your help.
One other wee thing. I was watching Paul doing a webinar and when he was doing an apple phone app it came up with the phone image etc when he was designing it. How do you set that up. I am a windows 10 user.

Alan to use the iOS simulator (iPhone etc.) you need. Mac, it’s part of XCODE, and not available on the Windows platform in XOJO.

Don’t think my wife would allow another pc.

I am a confirmed Windows user, but I did an app on Apple a few years ago not in xojo and it paid for a mac which i upgraded last year so I was lucky, and I use Windows 10 and Windows 7 in Virtualbox on the Mac when I get the urge :slight_smile: to have a break from the PC, the majority of time like you I stick with Windows as my stuff is for clients who use Windows.

Ok thanks that’s good to hear. I just do it as a sideline mostly a hobby. I spend most of my time with Wordpress but been messing about with visual studio but a bit beyond my skills so just looking for a new challenge like xojo. Will have a look around for vps too. Thanks again.

Just a thought would any Linux vps do the job.

At leat 2 Gb ram.