CGI - Deployment Options

In the Xojo 2020 Release 1 Build 49176 version, the possibility of creating a web app built to use CGI that uses Apache as a web server has disappeared.
Since a CGI distribution uses the existing web server software, it is very useful to publish the app on existing domains and hosting owned by us without having to use an expensive service in the cloud.
My question is: Has the CGI possibility disappeared or been temporarily absent in this pre-release? and if yes why?

CGI has gone from XOJO, only standalone going forward. Your only option is to stick with an older IDE that supports CGI.

Xojo said that with Web 2.0 only standalone applications can be created. CGI will not be created.

The only option to create CGI is to keep using Xojo2019r3.1

Edit: Paul was faster for 8 seconds!

Thanks for the answers! tomorrow I had to pay for my subscription to my Xojo PRO licenses. But since it won’t support 64-bit Raspberry Pi and CGI I won’t renew it! Thanks, you saved me over $ 600! Thanks, in the future, when Xojo activates these useful functions, I will gladly return to this community! I hope to return soon :slight_smile: Bye bye

That is one of the best features of Xojo, you don’t need to pay a monthly/annual fee to keep building your applications with the version you have. That is very good for Xojo users, not so much for Xojo.

Yes, I’m loving Xojo and before REAL Studio Enterprise Edition, but now it’s time for me to stop this love story that has lasted more than 10 years! (more than a normal wedding) :slight_smile: Bye bye everyone!

Well, I expect Xojo Inc. to provide a solution to clients using CGI mode currently on a web server and want to update to 2020.

e.g. how about an universal CGI to launch the stand alone and pass through the connection as before?

Hi Christian! I am a big fan of your plugins, they are amazing and they make an incredible contribution to Xojo! Yours are always great ideas and solutions! You are the best Xojo contributor and also for us a great partner. When this will be possible I will certainly renew my licenses! Thanks

Well, we’ll probably skip 2020r1 for deployment as we expect a r2 is needed to fix the bugs not found in beta testing.
Also I really wait for an answer on how to transition from 2019r3 to 2020rX with the CGI deployed apps.

Thanks Christian for your support you are always effective and effective! I will renew in the future when the situation is restored (let’s see it as a little not covid but bug-shutdown)

Can you elaborate on this? I read it as simple but I don’t understand how this could work.

I’m no web expert, but I guess we can run Xojo2020r1 standalone apps using the right port and configure Apache or Nginx as a reverse proxy. Someone with experience can configure their server to use a dedicated URL for the standalone web app, no? Something like

Edit: thank you, Christian, at work, we just build standalone, not much experience with CGI

That is what the current CGI does.
Check if the app is running, if not, then launch it.
And then forward data to the stand alone.

Or just provide a redirect to point to the right port.

@Calvi Tecnologie srl Calvi Cloud services aren’t inherently expensive. I wrote a blog post about how to deploy to Digital Ocean on a $5/mo server, and you can build from there to use more than one app on the same server.

I currently run multiple Xojo Web apps on a server running Apache, PHP, and MySQL as well. The whole thing runs my personal collection of websites; static html, php, xojo, and wordpress! $10/mo.

Just takes some time to research; or you can pay someone a premium fee to do all of that for you :slight_smile:

When did you last look at the cost of Cloud Services? Amazon Web Services (Lightsail) starts at $3.50 per month for example and there are many others as well.

it may be good to ask @Geoff Perlman or @Greg O’Lone about how the people using web servers with apache and CGI option can continue to work in the future.

I have been building & deploying Web projects since the very beginning. I have never deployed using CGI and I have never deployed to a cloud server. They’ve all be either my own or belong to my client.

New releases of XOJO 2020 without CGI deployment are not interesting for us because the deploy could not be sold to customer that want CGI on their servers. Only for personal use or as a Cloud service.

Thank you Christian Schmitz for the suggestion, I sended a post to Geoff Perlman, I hope he will give me an answer :slight_smile:

Same for us. Web 2.0 would be dead on arrival, if there is no workable migration path.

And public port must be 443 for HTTPS as a lot of companies block everything else.

generally speaking, I think the pre-release route is very alarming.
almost no documentation, almost no examples.
almost no comments from the Xojo team to the doubts and requests of the users.