cfBookmarkMBS.resolveBookmarkData - timeout

I’m using CFBookmarkMBS.resolveBookmarkData and it works fine but only if the target file is present on the network.
If the file isn’t present (e.g. its looking for a network file and I’m on a different network) then it takes ages to resolve and return a nil result.

If I have more than a few bookmarks to check - this can become an unacceptable delay for the user - like a minute or more.

Is there an easy solution to this (e.g. is it possible to also determine what drive the bookmarks were saved on to check if available prior to resolving) that I’m missing or do I have to put in a timeout to kill the threads that are trying to resolve the bookmarks?

And, further to that thought, does folderItem.exists work for files that have not been resolved by bookmarks when sandboxed?

You could check path embedded in bookmark.
Did you try ResourcePropertiesForKeysFromBookmarkData function?

Ah, no I didn’t. That might well help. Will revert when tested.

Confirmed - resourcePropertiesForKeysFromBookmarkData does give me the correct information to be able to test if the file is available prior to starting a bookmark for it.

Thanks for that - now the app loads much faster.