cfBookmarkMBS - failing on new mac

My app has been using cfBookmarkMBS routines to access files quite successfully, up until now:

  1. I transferred over to a new powerbook pro (M1 Pro), using Migration tool.
  2. MacOS is upgraded to Monterey.

Now none of the bookmarks resolve to a file using CFBookmarkMBS.ResolveBookmarkData

Any ideas how to resolve?


make sure you provide the proper relative URL, e.g. home folder.

Since you migrated all the file/folder IDs are changed, so only relative or absolute path may help to find the files.
Otherwise you recreate those bookmarks.

Yes, that’s what I’m using but it seems that in transferring the files to a new laptop the bookmark references seem to break.

I’ve kept a reference to the file URL am currently using an openFileDialog to re-open the files and re-create a new bookmark. A bit ugly for the user.

Thanks Christian - yes, that seems to be the problem - so re-creation from the URL seems to only way.

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