Certificate Expiring

I have a few days left on my Certificate before it expires and don’t want to tackle the whole updating my certificates merry go round just yet before I do this update.

If I upload a MacOS app to the store before the certificate expiry does the app stay active for the users?

Yes. The app is signed and notarised based on whether the certificate is valid on the date you do the signing.


Thanks Jeff, I know I will be calling on your experience next week when my certificates expire :slight_smile:

It’s pretty easy. You regenerate your expired cert and when they offer to let you download it, do that.

Then you need to go through the Profiles section and edit/save/download any profiles that are now marked invalid that you want to keep. That is, click Edit, click Save, click Download and then double-click to install.

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A number of my certificates are at the maximum (through some bad experimentation) when the current one expires will I have to revoke it to be able to do another?

So just for clarity, which certificate you’re talking about matters. There’s a developer certificate which identifies you to your development team and is used for signing development builds, then there is a distribution certificate which you use to sign apps for distribution. There’s also installer certificates.

Can you be more specific about what’s actually expiring?

Hi Greg,
These are the ones Expiring there seems to be a 3rd Party Dev Application one missing but I can’t see what certificate in the development account matches that

IIRC 3rd Party Mac Developer Installer is now called Developer ID Installer Certificate

There’s a good explanation of what happens when each cert type expires here

Also keep in mind that Apple unified the Mac and iOS certificates a while ago so you shouldnt need iPhone Distribution and Apple Distribution. The Apple one works just fine for both. Same goes for iPhone Developer and Apple Development IIRC. I’d start with the Apple ones and only add the iPhone specific certs if you run into problems.

App Wrapper has a really good diagnostics section too, and Greg himself has put out an Apple Profile Triage tool


(Although right now, my 2.1 copy says an update is available, but the 2.1.1 dmg update link doesn’t work with ‘Access Denied’… @Greg_O
The link in the original post does now deliver 2.1.1 , however)

That should work now.

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If I work on 3 different computers do I copy all of ‘My Certificates’ from keychain to the other computers?

You need to export the certificates from XCode and give them a password. You can then import the certificates on your other computers.


Or on the first download, just copy them fto all the machines. Re-downloading them from Apple will not work as only the first machine will get the private keys.

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Thanks that explains a few issues