Central Texas Xojo Users Group?

I was amazed to find that there wasn’t a Central Texas Xojo Users Group. Since Central Texas is the Home of Xojo this seems well… wrong. Are there many Xojo users in the Central Texas area? If so would you all like to put together a meet-up? Let’s right this un natural state of things :smiley:

There were several folks talking about a Dallas area meet up not too long ago. Perhaps you can get together with them.

I tried to get people to meet in summer, but failed. :frowning:

Come to XDC in Austin!

We have tried to get one going but Texas is big and we have users spread all over the state. The Dallas Group might be going, not sure where in TX you are. There is definitely some interest from the Xojo staffers in Austin in attending an Austin User Group if one gets going.

Yes, you could go to XDC.
Beside that you can make a meeting a month earlier as preparation for XDC.
Or organize a party for Xojo developers a day before/after XDC, so people joining the conference and people from the area could meet.

or just a gtg without spending a few hundred a person…

yes. That is already possible.

While XDC everyone can just sit in the lobby and see who comes along.

And there is certainly a group of developers going for dinner on the evening before XDC or after.

In orlando we went to a mexican restaurant after the conference.