Central Florida Xojo User Group

Is there a group in central Florida, or enough interest in the area to start one?

Or if not central Florida, any part of Florida?

If not, I may need to start making trips up to Atlanta…

well, I do see 22 people in a 100 miles radius around Orlando in my plugin user database…
I’ve sent you the picture.

It may be worth starting something. Especially to have a possibility to organize such meetings in case some Xojo developers come to Orlando for other reasons. This way you could have more people for the meetings.

you are always welcome to ATL.

Hey Seth, There was some interest in forming one a few years ago (maybe 3 or so). I think they may have even met 1 or 2 times. Looks like back then we emailed about 160 people in the state. I certainly don’t want to deter you from going to Atlanta - that group has some pretty awesome members - but if you are interested in trying to make a FL meeting happen email (alyssa@xojo.com) or PM me and I’ll help you get in touch with FL users.

@Seth Ober Let’s start a Central Florida Group even if it’s just us… I’ve been wanting to go to Atlanta too, but it’s just so far to drive. Flying isn’t bad though…

But, let’s do it! Do you have any place we could meet? I have one possible resource, but I’d have to see if it’s an option. Otherwise, we could meet in my home or meet at a restaurant…

I may have a space in the downtown Orlando area… I’ll reach out to Alyssa and try to get the ball rolling :slight_smile:

If this gets off the ground, we can call it FLUX (Florida Users of Xojo) :slight_smile:

Oh nice! That is the best user group acronym!

FLUX!!! :slight_smile:

And I’m down in Florida (not exactly close but close enough) for a client on a regular basis that I’d love to drop in on a meeting. Assuming schedules collide…

Now we need words to make turn CAPACITOR into an acronym.

@Seth Ober : Are you still interested in starting a FLUX meeting?

Looks like I’m going to be in Jacksonville from Feb 24-26. If anyone in the area (within hour and half or so) wants to get together for dinner and talk shop I’d love to do so. Some of it depends on the client schedule but usually I’m free one night.

No final details yet, but we’re going to get together somewhere in Palm Coast area the night of February 24 at 7 PM. @Hal Gumbert is point on this so details to follow soon (hopefully). If you’re in the area and can make I’d love to meet you and talk Xojo.

It would be a good time to ask me questions about the reporting tool, ActiveRecord, training videos, or if I know any good jokes (the emphasis on good).

What Bob said… We plan to meet somewhere in Palm Coast for dinner at 7pm. We’ll post here when we decode on a place.

if anyone would like to car pool, I’ll be leaving from Lake Mary, FL right off Interstate 4. We’ll leave between 5PM and 6PM to be at Palm Coast at or before 7pm.

Great. I sent email to MBS users in the area and see you in Atlanta in Summer.

Yes, I’ll be attending this!

Alyssa and I both thought that late December was a bad time to make an attempt, so I was planning to try to send out an initial survey email toward the end of this month, but it will be interesting to see the response to this first :slight_smile:

@Hal Gumbert Do we have a confirmation on a restaurant yet?

Sure! We’ll meet on February 24 at Houligan’s in Palm Coast for dinner at 7pm. We don’t have a reservation or anything so please post a reply if you plan to attend in case we have a large group.

Houligan’s on Google Maps: http://j.mp/1Kt9kak
50 Plaza Dr #106, Palm Coast, FL 32137

If you plan to attend tonight, please reply ASAP.

We may move the meeting closer to Jacksonville if no one else from south of Jacksonville will be attending other than me. I’ll be leaving from Lake Mary, FL if anyone would like to car pool. It’s be great to talk about Xojo on the way up!

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