CellPaint for PopupMenu or Combobox

does anyone have a drop in replacement for either PopupMenu or ComboBox that allows you to “draw” in the entries like a listbox?

I already have 2 other popup menus in use, so I would like the look and feel of this control to be consistent…

I need to display dot/dash and line thickness samples

What we’ve done is use a listbox on a borderless window to accomplish that. I believe the IDE does that technique for the auto complete but don’t quote me on that. There are some funny issues with getting the window to work properly in Windows vs Mac. I think in Windows it takes some creative declares to get it to behave properly.

What I was hoping not to do was duplicate the logic for positioning, opening, closing, and “faking” the closed visual aspect.

With a listbox, I have to figure where it goes, how big to make it (in case it would go off the screen etc.)

maybe a fake popup menu with a listbox?

see here Forum 8279 icons-in-popupmenus

[quote=77577:@Axel Schneider]maybe a fake popup menu with a listbox?

see here Forum 8279 icons-in-popupmenus[/quote]
That seems to work if you want a 32x32 icon… I played with it. and could not get it to go beyond that…
I need to have full drawing control over the entire “cell”… (ie. there would be no text)
same thing could be done with a contextual menu