CellClick vs ContextualMenuAction

Hey guys,

So I have a ListBox that has a CellClick event. The purpose of the event is to allow me to work out the Date (column) and Time (row) for a scheduled event and preload a dialog with those values (Date, Time) from the ListBox. This is easy enough as the CellClick event carries with it, column and row. I then use that dialog to add further information about the scheduled event and INSERT/UPDATE that record.

I’ve been experimenting with the ConstructContextualMenu and ContextualMenuAction events on the same ListBox, hoping that I could implement a Right-Click with an option to “Add Session” as a menu item. I can do this and I can do ScheduleWindow.show. What I can’t do is get the column/row of the Right Mouse click position in the ListBox to preload my Date and Time textboxes? The ConstructContextualMenu event passes x/y but I’m not sure how to use that?


Thank in Advance. :wink:

ListBox.ColumnFromXY ( X as Integer,Y as Integer ) As Integer
ListBox.RowFromXY ( X as Integer,Y as Integer ) As Integer

Ok, now I feel stupid … many thanks Dave. And thanks for the (usual) speedy response. :wink: