cell.image color?

I’m using the following code in an iOSTableDataSource:

If System.Version >= "13" Then cell.Image = iOSImage.SystemImage("exclamationmark.triangle",0,iosimage.SystemImageWeights.Unspecified,WarningRedColor,WarningImage) Else cell.Image = WarningImage End If

On iOS 13+, I’m getting a blue image instead of the red color I expect from the WarningRedColor colorgroup. Anyone know why?



[code]If System.Version >= “13” Then

Dim icon As iOSImage = iOSImage.SystemImage(“exclamationmark.triangle”,0,iosimage.SystemImageWeights.Unspecified, warningRedColor, WarningImage)

Const alwaysOriginal = 1
Declare Function imageWithRenderingMode Lib “UIKit.framework” selector “imageWithRenderingMode:” (id As ptr, RenderingMode As Integer) As ptr
icon = iOSImage.FromHandle(imageWithRenderingMode(icon.Handle, alwaysOriginal))

cell.Image = icon

cell.Image = WarningImage
End If


Thanks, Jeremie. Excellent information, as usual.