Cell Focus for listbox

is there a way to move the cursor to a cell without clicking ?
like a me.cellfocus as example ?
did not see anything in the manual.

Listbox isn’t designed to select single cells. You would have to manage something like that yourself.

You can select an individual row with Listbox.ListIndex or manage multiple selections with Listbox.Selected(Row). You can pop the single cell editor with the Listbox.EditCell method.

You’ll have to refer to the documentation to get the API 2.0 names of all of those.

ok tim thanks

http://documentation.xojo.com/api/deprecated/listbox.html#listbox-editcellat ?

oh wait Julian EditCellAt is the in the newest version ? nope, i am staying away from the newest version too many bugs. 19.r2

oh gawd dont use 19r.2 !
they actually removed that one
either go back to 2019r1.1 or forward to 2019r3 or 2019r3.1