And this is WAYYYYY of topic but so what ?

I passed my Certified Ski Patrol written & practical exams tonight !!!

On to the slopes guys !

Congratulations… never been snow skiing in my life… and only tried water-skiing once when I was like 16… total wipe out… needless to say did NOT impress the girl :slight_smile:

Do you get to wear the whiskey keg around your neck now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations :smiley:

We need a proof or 2: picture of exam + picture of you on the slope (including the keg).

I am way older and never hold skis…

Congrats Norman. I’m skiing since i was 15 and it’s still a great fun.
To be honest, i wasn’t on the slope for 10 years but this is a good reminder to plan a comeback ;-))

Congrats, Norman!

I haven’t been skiing for about 10 years, too… but since my son wanted to learn skiing so I tried it again last winter.
And it has been great :wink: So yes - don’t just plan your comeback, but do it!

Just because I don’t use Gravator, so you don’t get to see a Picture of me here… and because Switzerland is beautiful…:

Here you are.

[quote=466096:@Tim Jones]Do you get to wear the whiskey keg around your neck now? :stuck_out_tongue:
Whiskey ? damn … I filled mine with brandy
Now I’ll have to empty it an refill it :stuck_out_tongue:

cant take a picture of the exam - they keep that

havent finished the “on slope portion” yet
dont start til sunday morning
but thats not something that will prevent me from being fully certified

and I dont get my jacket JUST yet so pictures arent worth it - yet :slight_smile:

I still go skiing with my uncle who is 83
but he’s been skiing for a very long time

I’ve been at it since about that age as well

I also had missed a bunch of years with a knee I was told that I might never walk on again
So I’m ecstatic that in the past couple years I’ve been able to get back to hockey & skiing
To top it off with passing these exams just made my day