Cefsubproc.exe causing crashes

I have an app that creates multiple cefsubproc.exe instances and finally crashes as if the connection between cefsubproc.exe and the app was not correctly established. cefsubproc.exe is embedded Chromium, if I am right… Anyway, the app has a preview panel made of an HTMLViewer. The app was created with the very last Xojo 2023r3.1

I found entries in this forum about issues with cefsubproc.exe, which is several years old. Nothing recent.

So far 3 users of my apps have those issues, with Windows 11.

Any idea??

Thanks a lot!

If you don’t need the CEF functionality, you can use HTMLViewer instead of DesktopHTMLViewer to use a non-CEF viewer (select “Native”). If plugins are a solution, MBS has a way to use the newer native viewer.

If you can regularly reproduce a problem in a test project you might also want to submit an issues ticket.