CEF / WebKit version nearly 2 years old now

How do you guys feel about Xojo delivering an almost 2 year old version of CEF / WebKit?
Do you think this is still acceptable nowadays?
Should the version be updated more often?
Maybe you even have any specific problems with it?

I created a FC for that:

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I would suggest to check out the WebView2ControlMBS control in MBS Xojo WinFramworks Plugin.
For Windows that may be a good thing with Edge/Chrome as engine.

Dozens of vulnerability patches, the lack of other security fixes and performance improvements should be a priority.

It is really important to always use a reasonably up-to-date version of a browser - for new features and for security reasons. It would be ideal if the current browser version from CEF is used for each release - similar to the regular updates from Xojo, e.g. for the SQLite database.