Catastrophic Failure on Import Project Item

When Dragging a component into the IDE from the desktop. The IDE become highly unstable. Usually I have to save, quit and reopen the project to avoid a crash shortly after the import.

But, because my load time on a project are now over 10 minutes. I thought I would simply save and get on with my work.

This time I fond a clue that something is wrong. If I open up another workspace, the imported item is “moved”. As you can see it is on the top in one workspace and the bottom on another.

When I save the project It simply stalls on “Preparing…”. I waited 30 minutes and had to force quit.

This is the second time I have seen this failure in the last month. This is the first time i have recognized the warning sign.

Does anyone have any idea how I can isolate this for feedback,…er…tracker? Else Xojo will not give it a second look.

EDIT: then I get the dreaded …/…/…/…/…/…/ and the ide stall on loading the dropped in project item when it is hunted down.

That’s not a clue. Right or wrong, the IDE just does this. It gets added to the top of the navigator, but internally the bottom of the manifest. When you reload the project, it gets put in the “right” place.

My guess is that the item file is somehow corrupt or refers to items in another project that are not available.

It may not be a clue but Its 3 for 3 when I see this 3 and Zero when I don’t! All with the same included file.

Does the failure only happen when you import this specific file or can you import other files? Can you import the file into an empty project or one of the examples? Can you do a copy-and-paste from another project with the file?

It’s tedious to test, because the project load time is over 20 minutes. But it appears to happen whenever we drag an external item ( xxxx.xojo_code ) the finder into the project.

Yes, you said that. Did you do the other tests I mentioned? Is the problem project specific or not?

Thank Beatrix. It is not just this specific file. But it appears to be limited to very large files. The file we first noticed is 2.5 MB – Its a webpage more than a hundred controls on it. (insurance company application lots of checkboxes). It appears that the workaround is to simply use the IMPORT menu or cut and paste as you suggested rather than drag and drop it in on the mac.