Catalina malware alert message

Hello all!
In some of my app, under Catalina, my users have an alert that says it cannot verify if it’s a malware or not and closes the application.

I compiled my app with 2019r2 and signed with last release of AppWrapper, and I don’t know what to do more… Any suggestions?

Did you notarize your app with AppWrapper? The forum is full of topics in regards to notarization.

Get a screen shot about the problem. Old plugins also do that.

Yes but the only ones is mbs, cubesql and mysql plugins…

Yes, used AppWrapper (and helped him to solve some bugs in the last days)

Just to make sure we are not talking different things, because it pretty much sounds like it could be the reason: Did you just code sign (and harden) your app with AppWrapper or did you also use it to notarize the final app/dmg? These are two different steps (which can be combined of course).

OMG!!! Thanks a lot!!!

You’re welcome!