Catalina Beta 5 : Remote Debugger failing

I’ve been using Xojo 2019R1.1 and Remote Debugger successfully on Catalina betas. Today when I try it, I’m getting the “Cannot connect to debugger” when the remote app launches. I’m pretty sure that nothing on my end has changed, so the only variable is updating to Catalina developer beta 5 (19a526h).

Anyone else seeing this?

More info: this debug app is not code-signed, and I’m seeing these warnings in console.log:

error	10:33:20.184340-0700	223	tccd	Failed to copy signing info for 860, responsible for file:///Users/me/Desktop/Remote%20Debugger/ #-67062: Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-67062 "(null)"

However, if I enable my code-signing build step for the debug app, I don’t see those warnings, but the problem remains.

Update: I’m only seeing this problem of the remote debugger failing to connect with some of my apps. In other apps it works fine. Will do some more diagnosis and report back.