Case 65497 - Container Control deprecated, closed, more info

65497 - Container Control is deprecated in IDE help, and indicates that DesktopContainer should be used, but does not yet appear to be available

is marked Closed (Not Reproducible). Steps to reproduce:

  • open Xojo
  • click Help
  • search for ContainerControl
    Here is a screen shot of what I get:

    You can see that DesktopContainer page does not exist

Should I ask to reopen the case, create a new case or do you already know about this and is going to be fixed on the next version?

This came up during testing. Xojo wanted to add the (super superfluous) new controls to 2021r2. Then they moved that back to 2021r3 and forgot to remove the controls from the help.

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It’s a seriously terrible idea to deprecate the controls:


AFAIK Xojo wants to replace the existing desktop controls by new controls. This alone is a suboptimal idea. What is even suboptimaler is to immediately deprecate the existing desktop controls. Seriously: don’t do that. Coding in Xojo relies on a large part on autocomplete. If you can’t/don’t want to do autocomplete for deprecated stuff then don’t deprecate the existing desktop control. It’s a huge pain and effort to convert any code to API 2. Converting the controls will be 10times the work of updating the existing code. And dealing with the deprecated stuff is awful.


Even GoTo “mydeprecatedItem” is gone which is even if a “item” is deprecated really usefull to still allow… It’s just gone when the “deprecated” flag has been set you are lockedout of finding such items easily and update code or whatever.

this open source xojo tool will help you browse through old help files in the xojo that are in your hard drive.

This is a reproducible issue in today’s 2021r2.1 release, so I have requested the case be reopened.