Capture webcam in Windows and Linux

I’m considering using Xojo for a new project, mostly it looks like a good match, but there is one requirement I’m not sure it meets:

I need to capture images (still images) from two usb connected cameras under Windows and Linux. Linux targets includes Raspberry Pi.

Can this be done in Xojo?

As far I know, not directly with Xojo. To access webcam, I’m using opencv binding I wrote for Xojo ( which is running perfectly with OSX and Windows. Xojo for Linux is more problematic:)

see also here

i’m right in the middle of doing this on windows, I used the MBS plugin and had it running in about an hour.
the directshow classes are windows only though, so i don’t know bout Linux.

Thank you for all the replies.

It looks like capturing images from from a USB-cam is easy on Windows (and OSX), but won’t work on Linux.

Do you mean that Xojo on LInux is problematic in general or just the OpenCV binding?

Hi Emil,
have a kook here

The MBS Plugin for DirectShow allows capturing on windows.