capture the RGB values ??in textfields where the mouse is positioned

hello guys,

I wonder if anyone can help me with a new project, I explain, I need to capture the RGB values ( rgb surface or something ) ??in textfields where the mouse is positioned, any help will be appreciated.

(Need only for Mac platform )

Thank you.

Have a look at either

When you have the picture in memory, get the position within it and query the pixel for the color value:

Hi Eli Ott,

          I took a look at the links you sent me there but does not show how to capture the RGB if you are not inside a canvas, the need is to pass the change over an external image and the RGB values ??in textfields get this with a timer in mode = 2 for continuum, any ideas?

In that case I have to say that I don’t understand what you are trying to do.

Hi Eli Ott,

Sorry if I’m not being clear but I’ll try to be more specific.

In my project I have open in another program like Photoshop or Pre-viewer mac and when I take the mouse to the image RGB values ??are in the registrant textfields picture, if I click the value is fixed.

I hope you managed to explain to me, eheheheheh

Since System.Pixel has been removed from the Xojo framework, you will need to do it with Declares.
Something like that:
Get the color a pixel on the screen in objective-c cocoa app

Tks Eli !