Canvas Question Overlapping Images

Hi all,

I have a canvas #1 (drawing board) with a canvas #2 (footer control) at the bottom of Canvas #1. Canvas #1 is much larger than the screen so it goes behind Canvas #2 but is ok since Canvas#2 is in the foreground (which is what I want).

Problem is when I do a canvas#1.Visible = false and canvas#3 (new drawing board).visible = true it is drawn behind Canvas #2 at this point which is not what I want.

I have tried all kinds of things to get Canvas #2 to come to the foreground, but I think I hit the wall. It doesn’t appear to be a paint event issue as I commented my offline drawing picture and just let the IDE Design for subclassed Canvas#2 draw and it still has the issue. Is there an option I am missing on the subclassed canvas#2?

Any suggestions? :wink:

Thank you in advance.

Why is Canvas#1 bigger than the screen? butt it up against Canvas #2 and in the PAINT event of Canvas #1 control what you draw.

If you have a very large image, keep it in a picture object, and use DRAWPICTURE in the PAINT event to only draw the part that should be visible.

:wink: I did that just to make you wanna smack me :wink: Thanks Dave, ill just redesign it to ensure it’s of proper size. Thanks!