Canvas on Android - change height based on text drawn inside

I use the below functionality to first draw a picture of the text, get the height of this text picture, and then alter the height of the canvas based on the height. This works in desktop and iOS, but I am having difficulty getting it to work in Android. Regardless of the amount of text, the canvas is not changing height. Am I missing something?

dim tempQPic as new Picture(1000, 1000)

txQuestion = rs.Column("Question").StringValue 'set the text
tempQPic.Graphics.Font = font.SystemFont(18)
dim htQ as double = tempQPic.Graphics.TextHeight(txQuestion, canQuestion.Width - 30) 'get height of this text with wrapping
canQuestion.Height = htQ


I think I discovered something that may not be functioning as expected with the graphics class on Android

I’m wondering if the parameter for wrapWidth is being ignored. I made up a sample app doing basically the same as I posted above but added a label to show the height variable. When I use the font size in the above code of 18, the label displayed 17 for all of the various text strings entered in the picture. Changed the size to 30, and the label displayed 29. To me, it seems like the TextHeight is calculating one straight line of text and not taking into account when I use the parameter of wrapWidth where the line of text should break, go to the next line, and the height variable would account for that too

Could anyone else test this on Android? I can post an Issue tomorrow if someone else thinks it could be a bug

I couldn’t even draw a picture of text using wrapping and then draw that picture in a canvas taking into account the size of the text picture

TextHeight (text As String, wrapWidth As Double) As Double