Canvas controls bleed-thru on PagePanel

It seems something broke between Xojo 2013 r2 and r3. It might be related to Feedback Item #3204, although that’s been closed since May of 2010. What I’m seeing with my app (SonicMood) is a bleeding through of canvas-based controls embedded in a canvas that’s on a PagePanel that’s on a ContainerControl. The ContainerControl is on a canvas that’s in the main window. Whew!

Oh, this is under OS X 10.8.5 on a MacPro. SonicMood is a desktop app and I see the bleed-through using either Carbon or Cocoa frameworks.

So when I run I see all the canvas-based controls that are embedded in a canvas, on all the pages (4) of the PagePanel…

I’m seeing this under r3, r3.1, and now under r3.2 beta 1. Everything is fine under r2.

I’ve tried to make a simple demo app that shows this behavior, but so far I can’t get the demo to fail in this way…

Anyone else seeing anything like this?

Using 2013 R1, R2, and R3, I’ve seen a ton of cases where controls lose their parents in the IDE. In some cases, the fix is as easy as selecting the control, moving it one pixel to the left (left arrow key) then moving it back.

In other cases, I’ve sometimes resorted to fixing it at runtime:

me.parent = PagePanel1

It’s possible something broke between R2 and R3 that is not related to these issues, but if so I’ve not run into it.

If you have an app that behaves different with R2 and R3, definitely that should be reported with a sample project if possible.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve checked and the controls are all indicating proper parents. I see the “red outline” indicating the parental relationship and when I move the parent the controls are brought along. So I don’t think that’s the problem.

I’ve tried (and am still trying) to make a simple sample project that demonstrates the issue, but so far no luck. My project is pretty complex with a bunch of custom controls, etc., so it might be related to that. It’s also pretty old and I’m using RB2011 r3 to maintain it since I want to keep “universal” support for now. I’ll keep trying to create a demo which maybe will tell me what’s the real problem.


I’ve finally managed to make a project that demonstrates this problem. I’ve updated a Feedback report I submitted two days ago - here 'tis:
30219 - canvas controls bleed thru on pagepanel embedded in a containercontrol

The demo project is attached to the report.