Can't use mousewheel to scroll menu

Am I the only one to feel frustrated by this?

If you have a long menu, you can’t use your scroll wheel to scroll it. You have to clumsily click through the arrows like it’s 1994.

(Works fine on Mac though)


Alternative answer:
Sub-menus also exist to avoid having very long menus (in addition to grouping items by affinity).

You can also press a letter on the keyboard to navigate your menu (at least on macOS, I don’t remember if it works on Windows).


@Emile_Schwarz Thanks. Alas, this a user list and not applicable to submenus at the moment.

Sometimes on Windows you can press the first character but unlike Mac you can’t type the first several characters to refine it.

It just would be so nice to have scroll wheel support.

You could have one submenu for each first letter though. When I went looking for a long menu in Windows over the weekend, many of the places where there might have been a long list, they were constructed to have lots a “categories” first, with the items inside.