Can't Use Mouse On HTMLView Controls

I’ve run into an odd bug that hopefully someone here has some insight into:

My app is built with heavy use of container controls and page panels, as well as lots of different HTMLView-based controls to display context-specific information.

On Windows only, I have an issue where none of the HTMLViewers on a specific set of containerControls / pagePanels are interacting with the mouse correctly.

If I put breakpoints in the mouse events on these HTMLView controls, they are hit - so the events are being passed to the controls, they are just not doing anything with them.

All HTMLView controls are using WebKit on Windows.

I’ve made a screencast of the bug, as this is difficult to explain. Can anyone offer some insight?


Maybe it’s related to bug 39999 39999 - WE mouseevents in listbox blocked when listbox is in containercontrol with a mouseevent


Hmm… does not seem to be related… I’ve looked carefully and none of the containercontrols have mouse events themselves.