Can't set webPopupMenu value in code if value not shown

I have a webPopupMenu that has one column with number 1 -12. In my browser, it shows the selected value until I select the control, then values 1-6 show on the screen and I can scroll down to see the others. When I try to set the value with a program (webpopup.CellSelected(r,0) = true), it works as long as r is 1-6. If r is > 6, nothing shows. I tried webpopup.Text = “7” and webpopup.Listindex = r and got the same result. They work when r < 7. I can rewrite the action event of the popupmenu as a method and call it with the needed value, but that doesn’t help getting the screen to look right. Any suggestions for a work around?

Popup menus do not have multiple columns, cells, or a property for CellSelected; so I’m kind of confused.
Are you confusing WebPopupMenu with a WebListbox by chance?
Or are you using some kind of 3rd party control?

Here’s the documentation for WebPopupMenu, maybe it’ll help you:

Try ListIndex.

Sorry. I was tired and fighting a nasty cold when I wrote the post. In my confused state, I associated the encl.Mid(5,2) with a RadioGroup.CellSelected value and included it in my description of the problem. Perhaps the best way to explain it is with the actual example at:
This page allows users to get the model number for an electric watthour meter by choosing different parameters. The program also lets them download a spec sheet for the model they have selected. My current project is to process a URL with GET parameters so our sales staff can email a link to a spec sheet that will be generated on the fly. The link provided above specifies an enclosure (near the bottom of the page in the center) with six meters enclosed. Change the 6 at the end of URL to an 8 and the quantity goes away. This happens with any quantity entered above the values that show in the popup menu without scrolling down. I have tried setting the value with both .listindex = 7 and .Text = “8” and get the same result.

yeah, the problem is that when the page first loads, there are only 6 items in the menu. You can’t select ListIndex 7 if there’s only indexes 0-5 in the menu.

Is there a way to programatically add more items to the menu?


I tried adding more rows and also deleting all rows and reloading all 12 rows. Without any change.

Changing the program so that it no longer forces a download of the pdf now shows the pdf without showing the main screen. The problem is no longer an issue for me. Problem not solved, but gone away.