Can't set Encoding on Linux


perhaps I don’t see it, but after four Days of debugging, now I wrote a litte test:

[code]Dim mb as MemoryBlock = “sjfh”

dim s as String = DefineEncoding(mb, GetInternetTextEncoding(“iso-8859-1”))

if s.Encoding = Nil then
end if[/code]

On OSX I get “ok” on Linux “shit”. Why???


Because that method only works on OS X according to the documentation

So the only way I can see how you can do this on Linux would be to write a method that takes that string & returns a suitable encoding object by doing “select case” through a lot of them and their names

Thank you Norman, i didn’t expect that, and this was the only function I didn’t check ;(
Failure or Output to debuglog on other OS would be nice :wink:

So, I did my own today. Perhaps somebody needs that, too.

I’m not sure why this one is OS X only since enumerating all the Internet Encoding names and returning the matching Encoding object should be ablaut all thats required