Can't run Xojo Notes example


I’m trying to run Xojo Notes example app for iOS but i’m getting error message described bellow.

In ListView -> LoadTable method

part of code

cellData = New iOSTableCellData

if i change it to

cellData = noteslist.CreateCell

then example is working.

My question is, is this okay (applied fix from my end) or not?

Also error comes as well in part for adding icons (new and delete - trash) where also fix should be done from Type to Types.

In example:


After fix:



Your fix are right.
What release are you using?
The Types vs Type fix already exists on Xojo2016r4.1

Thanks for reply.
I’m using last version of Xojo - Xojo 2016 R4.1 for Mac OS.

I just tried the XojoNotes iOS example that is included with 2016r4.1 and it runs fine without error (as it has the changes you’ve noted). It seems like you are using an older version of XojoNotes.

Hello Paul,
Is it possible to send me a last version of Xojo Notes as working demo?

It’s included in the 2016r4.1 download.

Hi Paul,


I made one more conversation regarding to Notes App.

Please see on bellow link.