Can't run (Recovered) project after Save As ... On Windows

Here’s an oddity - Windows crashed last night and caused the “unsaved changes” in Xojo when I reopened everything this morning. I then performed a “Save As …” and saved the recovered project into a new folder to compare against my saved work. Now, if I open the recovered project, Run is grayed out and I get a system beep if I try CTRL-R.

I’ve checked folder permissions and they are normal for my user. Does anyone have an idea about this?

Windows 10, Xojo 2018r1.1 or 2017r3

(BTW - the diffs were all in the Recovered version saving with Windows EOL instead of the original Unix EOL. We need an option to force consistency for the Save format when saving as text or XML.)

I can “Analyze” the project in both versions of Xojo …

Check the build settings…

Thanks, Seth, but they are all normal.

I even formatted a fresh USB drive and copied it there as a binary project - same result. Load the project and the Run option stays disabled.

I “think” I’ve uncovered it -

The project was open in 2018r1.1 when the system tanked.
I got the “Unsaved changes” message when I opened 2017r3
I “Saved As” in 2017r3
Neither version will run the resulting version of the project.
I loaded into 2018r1.1
Saved as binary
Reloaded into 18r1.1 and it runs again.

Good news is that the only diffs that I found between the saved version and the “Recovered” version were the EOLs.