Cant Run or Debug Build in Linux Mint

Hello all,

Using 2019R1.1 I can compile apps (in this case they are Console and Web Apps(also console)), but once compiled I cannot run them. I’ve checked and changed permissions but no go. Also cannot debug build these same apps.

Can anyone tell me what I am missing? Using Linux Mint 18.3


u can see if they have the executable flag set?
the same app with target windows would run?

Are you building 32-bit or 64-bit apps? If 32-bit, do you have the necessary 32-bit libraries installed on Mint?

Paul’s answer is the number one failure on Linux - the default in the IDE is to build/run in 32bit mode. Open the Navigator, select “Linux” from the platform list, and then make sure that 64bit is selected in the Inspector:

Thanks Tim.
Will try it out.