Can't run IOS simulator in Xojo 2018 R4 with XCode 9.0

I’m trying out Xojo for IOS for the first time. I have a Mac Mini 2012 (16gb memory, 512 ssd) running High Sierra 10.13.6. XCode 9.0. I assume a build won’t work because I don’t have a license, but I can’t get the example apps (or one I created) to run. I used examples from the IOS Examples folder. I tested to see if I could run an IPhone simulator from XCode and you can do it.

I read you should check your build settings. In the app itself at the bottom there is nothing included under “build” except the name “build” in the inspector. Both “run” and “build” are greyed out on every app. As I said, I expect “build” not to work as I have no license, but I can’t run anything. Desktop apps run fine.

Any speculation would be appreciated.


Its an uneasy truce between Xojo and Xcode.
Xojo uses the Xcode simulator to debug, and each change to Xcode breaks the link for Xojo for reasons I have given up trying to understand.
Xojo is always playing catchup… Xcode changes, Xojo ‘breaks’, a new Xojo is released, things work for a while.

You need the version of Xcode that works with your Xojo version and vice versa.
There is never any way of making older ones work with newer ones.

There is no point at all in trying to get Xcode 9 working with Xojo , as it would be impossible to deploy an app built with it.

You will need Xcode 12 onwards for Xojo 2021 … it wont ‘see’ any of the Xcode 9 toolset.
You will need code signing teams set up.

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Mr Tullin

I have no doubt that what you’re saying is true. I would upgrade both XCode and Xojo if I could, but these versions are evidently the highest I can go with the tech I have. I’ve upgraded the OS to the extent possible. I’m not about to buy a new Mac Mini just to try Xojo. I am assuming by the historical record that apps have been built in the past with the combination of Xojo and Xcode I have, otherwise they would have had a lot more complaints about Xojo 2018 R4 than they apparently did.

Therefore I am going by the premise that, if someone else has done it, I can too, and therefore there is a specific reason why my configuration doesn’t work. I’m going to try this on my somewhat more current 2015 MacBook Pro (with Sierra on it), knowing I have a later XCode on it. Maybe that will meet with XCode’s approval. If I ever get one of these combinations to work and I can produce something decent enough to justify the purchase of both Xojo and a new Mac Mini, then I might pull out my checkbook and decide that groceries and the rent will just have to wait a month or two.

Again, I am sure I’d be better off just upgrading as you advise, but I’d like to understand the criteria for a successful working environment before throwing good money after bad.

Thank you for your trouble,

I suppose you read the document:

and related.

Yes, I certainly have, and XCode 9.0 seems to have once played nicely with Xojo 2018 R4 by the documentation. I am obviously missing something. I am certainly not an authority on XCode, having ceased my efforts with Swift when version 3 deprecated the incremental operator, a blow so crushing and seemingly arbitrary I dropped the language like a hot copy of Photoshop (I didn’t like the Core Data model anyway).

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Try opening Xcode, then go to the Xcode Preferences, select the Locations tab and choose the correct command line tools.
Those are the key things that Xojo needs to drive the simulator.
Especially if you upgraded to Xcode 9 from 8

The iOS available through Xojo 2018 is not as easy to use as the current stuff, and no real guide to whether you could build for release today, but you know what you want…

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Mr. Tullin

I will try the command tools idea you suggest, since I have no idea what the corresponding correct tool version is and I thought this might be the black box I’m looking for. In the meantime, I installed Xojo 2018 R4 on another machine (Macbook Pro 2015 with SIerra 10.2.6) with XCode 9.2 and it worked fine bringing up the simulator, just for those of you looking for an old combination that will work (the version of command tools notwithstanding).

I will report back vis a vis the tools, with all due thanks.


Mr. Tullin

U D Man!

“Choose the correct command line tools”

Bigtime thanks,

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