Can't Run iOS Project - Missing Simulator?

I thought I’d mess around with an iOS project in Xojo (having never used Xojo for iOS before). I have an up-to-date Pro license.

If I create a brand new iOS project, I can’t run or build it. Both buttons are greyed out on the main toolbar. I have installed (and launched) Xcode, currently version 12.4 (12D4E). I am running macOS 11.2.3 on an M1 MacBook Pro.

There are no simulators listed in the “iOS debugging” section of the Xojo IDE to choose from. If I load Xcode I can see that I have many simulators installed.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to solve this?

This is with Xojo 2020 R2.1

Try opening (you need: ) XCode it may request to install additional tools.

Yep opened it and doesn’t prompt anything. I’ve also installed the Xcode command tools as I use homebrew and other things that depend on it.

You opened devices and simulators window?
There you can “+” add simulators.

Things to try:

  • In XCode preferences → Locations → Command Line Tools: [Xocde 12.4] make sure you selected the correct version (12.4 is my current version).
  • Hover your mouse over the run button in the toolbar (check tooltip)
  • Restart xojo ide
  • Restart your mac
  • In XCode Preferences → Accounts → login (then down load profiles also)

Thank you @DerkJ, that was the issue. It was blank for some reason.

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