Can't print static picture in report

As a beginner I try the different examples. One exercise was to put a static image as a logo on a report.
Which should be straightforward. I’ve included the .jpg in the project and a ReportPicture in the report and next selected the image in the Behavior panel of the Inspector. It simply doesn’t work.
Not on Windows and not on Mac. I must be doing something something wrong??
I’ve seen some other comments on this forum

but can’t seem to find a solution.
Please help

Hi Maarten, if you mean that you don’t see the image in the ReportPicture once you select the image in the Image property, that’s an old issue.
You have to insert into the BeforePrinting event of the ReportPicture
Me.Picture = MyPicture

Hi Fred, thanks for the quick reply.
I had a look at the BeforePrinting event, but I still can’t get it to work.
I tried your solution, but it failed.
The ReportPicture appears not to have a Picture property it does have an Image Class.
Any suggestions what I’m doing wrong?

What version of Xojo are you using?

I’ve tried it on 2020R1 and 2019R3.2 without success

I use 2019r1.1 and it works. Later I will try with 2020r1 and then I will inform you of the result.

I also tried 2019R3.1. but also no success

I installed 2019R1.1. as well - still it doesn’t work??
I’m confused what’s happening

It works also on 2020r1. Are you using a PC or a Mac? My tests are on a PC and Windows 10…

I’m using a Windows PC + Win 10. But I can run the test on a Mac as well.
I must be doing something stupid, I guess. But don’t know what.
(Maybe something with the picture?? I’m using a jpg.
Can you send me a sample file??

Where can I send a sample report to you?


Got it - I’ll check what I’ve done wrong - will let you know

Thanks Nedi,
it works fine when I generate the report.
My confusion came from the fact that I expected the static image to be visible in the header in the Report Designer. I saw this in an example of Eugene Dakin and expected it to work like that, but apparently that no longer functions. (Although that would be nice)